Tablet Video Presenter Hosted By Joan Stewart


Here’s what you get for only $97 onetime fee:

  • Step by step how to use the Keynote app on the iPad – wow what an incredible $10 app
  • How to embed multiple cool videos made with your iPad into your keynote slides make wowing presentations objects in your slides
  • How to build the most affordable, lightweight and portable presentation audio video system for small meeting, and workshops
  • My personal sales and persuasion tips for making great slide presentations content on my iPad
  • The apps needed to make video clips to use in your slides that are fast and easy
  • How to download clips from other sources such as YouTube to use in your presentations
  • What external hardware is needed with the iPad to be a pro presenter to groups of 1 to many!
  • 40 cuts of royalty free music to use in your videos, the TwoBuckThemes Top 40 bonus selections
  • If you are not making video with your iPad, there is an option to get both Tablet Video Training and Tablet Video Presenter for a low price of $197
  • You will get continued training / new music membership for only $10 a month, cancel at anytime and keep Tablet Video Training for life.
  • and much, much more!


Salespeople, marketers, coaches, trainers, info marketers, and all business owners can use the skill of making killer presentations.

The iPad and this training will get you making presentations fast